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The Necessary Work

Dear friends, family, passers by, First, I was to say that I hope you are all doing well, or at least as well as you can be, during this crazy reality that is COVID-19. I think about my supports and loved ones, even those who just pass on by me, often, wondering how I can... Continue Reading →

Searching for Holy Ground

Last Sunday, the Albuquerque YAVs were invited to speak at Las Placitas Church. We were each advised to share a story from our YAV experience thus far, but the prompt was fairly loose; we just needed to tell our story. We only had two to five minutes, and I probably stressed out about this more... Continue Reading →

My first faithful step

Habari! مرحبا Hello! ¡Hola! Welcome to my (temporarily) underdeveloped blog. It is my intention to use this space as an avenue to share my experiences, thoughts, and questions that develop throughout my YAV year. It is my hope to share my story as authentically as I can through the words I post and pictures I... Continue Reading →

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